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You’ve probably seen a commercial or mailer advertising a spa show, expo or blowout. They’re bold and loud, claiming to have the lowest prices, top brands, and best selection. However, they’re often vague on details. These road shows are intriguing but aren’t the bargain they claim to be. What you’ll get is aggressive salespeople, poor quality products and a complete lack of service once they leave town.

Buying Local is Better

Buying your spa or hot tub locally is better for a variety of reasons. Not only does it strengthen the economic base of your community, but it provides a value to you in the form of continued care into the future. Your local spa dealer can address any questions you might have about your spa, long after the sale is complete.  

1) Personal assistance.

Your local spa provider works hard to establish rapport with you. They want to know what you’re looking for and how they can help. Their goal is to give you a positive customer experience so that you’ll refer friends and return in the future. At a spa expo, the goal is to sell, sell, sell.  

2) Quality products.

Local spa providers provide top of the line products of the highest quality. They know their reputation rests on their products, and make it their mission to maintain high standards. You’ll notice that at expos or road shows, advertisers are vague about what brands they stock. They’ll use phrases like, “top brands” but offer few details. That’s done for 2 reasons. Either one hot tub retailer represents them all, or they’re off-brand and poor quality. It’s a sneaky way to offload subpar products quickly.

3) Local after-sale service.

Buying a spa locally ensures that you’ll receive service after the sale. Problems or questions can be addressed quickly and in-person. Your spa provider puts your satisfaction first and will work to ensure that your spa is up and running no matter what. Spa shows are like carnivals, here today, gone tomorrow. There is no after-care provided.

4) Better prices.

Local spa dealers can offer better prices than traveling expos. Expos greatly inflate the prices of their spas, knowing that many people who attend such events are doing so for the first time, and aren’t aware of standard pricing. They don’t need to worry that a customer will get wise and demand a refund because they’ll be long gone by then!

5) Know who your doing business with.

Local spa providers are part of your community. They strive to get good reviews and grow their business. As a result, they work hard to develop a solid reputation built on service and care. It pays to know who you’re doing business with, how much experience they have and the variety of products they offer.

Avoid the Spa Show

It’s easy to understand the hype behind spa expos. The advertising suggests that the deals are unbeatable and the spas are top of the line. They instill a fear of missing out. It almost sounds too good to be true. But remember, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Shop local and you’ll save time, money, and grief!

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