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Decorating a rental home can seem like an impossible task, forcing you to balance aesthetic appeal with the inevitability of moving. How much time and money should you really invest in a home that will only be yours for a relatively short while? Which areas should you focus on and which should you leave original?

Don’t be Afraid of Decorating Your Rental Home

When you walk in your front door after a long day, you should feel relaxed and happy to be home. Even though your rental might not be permanent, you should decorate, even if it’s in small, temporary ways. Ignoring the things you hate about your house, and avoiding putting any thought into personalizing the space can make you feel miserable and uninspired. Click To Tweet

Invest in Versatile Pieces

When you’re decorating for a rental it’s important to remind yourself that the furniture you buy should work for you, not the rental home. When you eventually move, that same furniture will have to fit in the new place. That’s why it’s so important to choose versatile furniture pieces, rather than items which fit perfectly in your current space. Modular sofas that can be rearranged, tables with removable leaves, and side or coffee tables that double as storage are all great ideas.

Update Window Coverings and Lighting

Accents like lighting, window coverings, rugs, plants and unique hardware can spruce up even the blandest room and fill it with your personality. It’s easy to trade out a mass-produced light fixture for one that makes a statement, or cover up metal blinds with beautiful fabric curtains. Not impressed with old beige carpet? Cover it with a modern, vibrant rug. Best of all, you can easily remove them to take with you when you go. Don’t forget to store and label the original rental fixtures so you can swap them back before you leave.


While this isn’t possible in every situation, many property managers will allow you to paint walls as long as you paint them over before you leave. If you plan to live in the same place longer than a year, a little color can make a world of difference!

Get a Hot Tub (Yes, seriously!)

A hot tub might seem like it’s out of your reach in a rental, but if you have a backyard, it’s not! A plug and play hot tub can is exactly as easy to install as it sounds. Not sure what to do about that drab cement back patio? Install a basic pergola for privacy, and place your plug and play underneath. Strong some twinkle lights, add some beautiful potted palms and flowers, and you’ve just taken your backyard from eyesore to oasis. Browse this gallery of hot tub options to fit your needs.

Display Art

Most people aren’t very inspired by a bare white wall. Almost every lease will allow you to hang art, even though you may have to spackle-and-paint before you move. It’s worth the small effort to patch a few holes because art brings your personal style into the home.  

The Perks of Renting

Decorating a rental often seems like a waste, as though it’s somehow less important than decorating a home you own. But focus on the perks of renting. You can get the hot tub or new sofa that your home-owning friends might not be able to afford, between their mortgage and home repairs. Renting frees you up from the stress and costs of ownership, allowing you to indulge in ways homeowners might not be able to. Might as well take advantage of it while you can!

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