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Anything you regularly use–clothing, dishes, tools, even hot tubs–will need cleaning every so often. In the case of a hot tub, it’s best to stay on top of a preventive cleaning routine rather than just scrubbing it when it begins to look dirty. After all, allowing grime to build up can damage the spa’s plumbing, and who wants to soak in a filthy hot tub anyway?

As the proud owner of a hot tub or spa, it’s your responsibility to ensure it stays clean for your enjoyment and for the hot tub’s long-term durability. Fortunately, basic hot tub routine maintenance is a very straightforward process and very easy to do with the right supplies. Here’s everything you need to know about keeping your spa clean.

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Cleaning the Hot Tub Itself

Your hot tub shell will develop a bit of a scummy lining with time, whether you keep the tub inside or outside. This is simply due both to impurities in the water and sweat from anyone using the tub. Scrub or vacuum the shell once a week with specialized spa cleaning products to keep the scumminess at bay. At the same time, remove your spa filters and spray them down with a hose to keep debris from building up. Keeping your filters clean will contribute to a much more pleasant hot tub experience.

Plumbing & Equipment Care

One reason it’s so important to use specialized hot tub cleaning products is their chemical composition. Spa cleaners are designed to be gentle on the shell and the spa water itself to prevent further buildup of scum or allergic reactions of any hot tub users. They also won’t mess with your hot tub water chemistry. On the other hand, typical household cleaning products aren’t designed to be used underwater and could damage your spa and its plumbing system. Don’t let that happen! Use only the gentlest hot tub cleaning products for spa maintenance.

Pro Tip: White vinegar is a great option for a gentle scrub of your hot tub shell. Use vinegar, a soft brush, and any other necessary cleaning chemicals to remove scumminess from your spa.

Cleaning the Hot Tub Water

Of course, you should always clean the hot tub water every week. Skim the top to remove any leaves, bugs, or other floating debris, and use a chemical kit to bring your spa to the proper alkalinity levels. Letting the water become too acidic will damage your pipes, while making it too alkaline can lead to cloudy water. Find the perfect balance for your hot tub.

Even with regular weekly cleanings, your hot tub will need more thorough treatment about every 3-4 months. Drain the hot tub completely to give you better access to the tub. Scrub the entire shell, soak the filters in a chemical cleaning bath, and refill the hot tub with fresh water. Add a few chemicals to ensure long-term cleanliness, and you’re done! Your hot tub is clean and ready for action again.

Enjoy Your Clean Spa!

Few things are more relaxing than a hot tub, especially a freshly cleaned one with pristine water. Take the time to keep your spa clean and always ready to go. Your health and comfort are worth it!

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