Looking to get fit this summer? Why not try a swim spa? You can enjoy all the benefits of exercise and hot water therapy without leaving your own backyard!

Water aerobics has long been recognized as a safe, vigorous method of exercise. With a swim spa, you can discover all the benefits of water exercise for yourself right in your yard! Reach your fitness goals in comfort.

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Exercises to Build Muscle

Your swim spa is designed to produce a constant, steady current for you to swim against, similar to a treadmill. This makes your spa an ideal setting for resistance training as you exercise into the current. With different moves to work out different muscle groups, you’ll easily get a full body workout in your swim spa.

Reduced Impact

When you’re completely submerged in water, especially water with a strong current, your body weighs less than half of its normal weight. Not only does this help you move more freely, but it also means your movement puts significantly less strain on your joints. Joint pain is often a significant barrier to traditional exercise methods. However, water exercise can make this a minimal concern. You’ll be able to exercise without worrying about injuring yourself.

Pro Tip: If you have a tendency toward joint pain, talk to your doctor about safe exercise methods. Chances are, they’ll agree that water exercise is a safe and enjoyable method of working out.

Hot Water Therapy After Exercising

You might already be in the habit of taking a hot shower or bath after you exercise. Why not eliminate the waiting time and just relax in the same place you worked out–your swim spa? Even professional athletes recognize the benefits of hot water therapy to soothe sore muscles, promote blood circulation, and just generally unwind after exercising. Give it a try!

Develop Your Swim Spa Workout Plan

The exact exercises you do in your swim spa will depend on your own preferences and physical limitations. Start with basic resistance training to adjust to swimming against a current. Once your body has adjusted to exercising in a swim spa, you’re all set to meet your fitness goals!

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