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Many Americans spend most of their work weeks sitting behind a computer screen. Sitting for extended periods of time can result in chronic aches and pains, especially back pain. If you’re not taking enough stretching breaks and getting ample daily exercise, it’s likely that you experience a frequent sore back.  

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The warm water pressure and increased blood flow from hot tub hydrotherapy not only feels good while promoting relaxation, but it can also provide relief for back pain sufferers. Increasing physical activity and taking breaks throughout your workdays can prevent future soreness. When pain is already present, you should take advantage of the healing benefits of hydrotherapy.  

Ice & Heat  

Many physicians prescribe heat and ice therapy for regular body aches and pains. Use ice packs on your tight muscles or soak in an ice bath. Wait 24-48 hours and then utilize heat therapy. While hot packs and heating pads can provide some pain relief, the most useful form of heat therapy is therapeutic hot tub soaks. This hot and cold combination is recommended by many health experts due to it’s proven tension releasing advantages.

Stretching after Soaks

After you spend at least thirty minutes in your hot tub, consider stretching your sore back. Your muscles are looser and warmed up after warm hydrotherapy. This is the perfect set-up for stretching to reduce pain and encourage blood flow.

The Power of Jet Pressure

Speak with your local hot tub provider to find the best spa option that has jet placement for your sore muscle group. When jets are strategically aligned to target your sore muscles, you’ll be amazed at the alleviation the hot water pressure can offer.

Pro Tip: When you suffer from back pain, ask your spa dealer to direct you to the hot tub that has jets designed to relax tense back muscles.

Reduce Muscle Pain

Hydrotherapy is an effective method that’s been used for centuries to aid in body healing. The buoyancy from your hot water soak gives your muscles a chance to relax.

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