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Hot tub accessories are an important consideration as you plan your outdoor spa hangout. However, one important accessory that’s often overlooked is a sturdy hot tub cover. You may be surprised just how crucial this piece of equipment is.

A hot tub cover is designed to help keep your spa clean and energy-efficient all year round. But does your spa really need one? Most likely, yes! Here are just a few reasons why a hot tub cover is so important.

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Why You Need a Quality Hot Tub Cover, Spas Unlimited, Spring, TX

Energy Efficiency

The single biggest ongoing cost of a hot tub is the electricity required to keep it hot. And unfortunately, an uncovered hot tub lets all that heat escape, driving up your electricity costs and potentially straining the heater. Keep the heat contained with an insulated spa cover to extend the life of your equipment as well as keep your costs at a reasonable level.

Pro Tip: Don’t leave your hot tub heater running for days at a time when you aren’t using it. Save some electricity by only switching the heater on when you’re ready to use the spa.

Keeping Your Spa Clean

This is particularly important for an outdoor spa. Aside from the concern of dirt or debris getting in, you also have to consider the amount of water and cleaning chemicals that will evaporate from your hot tub. An uncovered spa with a lower concentration of cleaning chemicals can easily become gross and unsanitary. Keep your water clear and pleasant by keeping your hot tub covered when not in use.

Safety Considerations

Finally, an uncovered body of water is simply not a particularly safe feature. Texas’ legal code requires swimming pools to have a fence to keep out children and small animals, and a hot tub deserves similar consideration. Installing a cover ensures that no curious children or pets will accidentally fall in.

Get a Strong Spa Cover!

Buying a sturdy hot tub cover is a form of preventive maintenance to protect your investment and give you a long time of enjoying your spa. Don’t underestimate how important this piece of equipment truly is!

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